Make the steps required for removing your regular refractory and ceramic waste easy

Valorbox™, a tailor-made service

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  • Document management: All of the administrative documents are ready filled-in, sent automatically and renewed annually.
  • Transportation: We select the transportation solution best suited to your waste.
  • Consumables: The consumables are automatically delivered to your facility as you use them up.
  • Yearly report: A full report is sent to you every year so that you can better understand the level of recycling performance.

A recycling service adapted to different types of waste

Refractory waste

From Glass and other industries

non dangerous waste
Non dangerous refractories
Chrome, Alumina, Zircon, Magnesia, etc
Bio-solubles and Refractory Ceramic Fibers (RCF)

Ceramic waste


Miscellaneous ceramic devices.
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Abrasive wheels 
Grinding wheels for ceramic and organic bonding compounds
Grain : Corundum, Alumina, Zirconium oxide, ceramics.
blasting material
Blasting material
Corundum, Zircon, Alumina, etc. All grain size.
silicon carbide
Silicon carbide
Minimum Sic content : 30% in plates, tubes, filters, etc.

Various formats

  • Cement, concrete and grout
  • Shaped blocks
  • Standard blocks
  • Cruciate and earthenware
  • Slicks
  • Bars
  • Plates
  • Balls and microballs
  • Dust


Glass industry

  • Glass packaging (Bottles, Tableware, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals)
  • Flat glass: Float, LCD
  • Insulation glass
  • Reinforcement fiberglass
  • Specialty glass 

Other industries

  • Lime and cement
  • Additives
  • Medical industry
  • Incineration
  • Aerospace
  • Aeronautical
  • Automotive

A Valorbox™ for every situation :

valorbox small

Valorbox Small

The smallest model, simple and discrete

Perfectly sized for small quantities of waste, this wooden box is located as close as possible to where your waste is produced. We provide you with as many Valorbox™ as there are types of waste.
Plus factor: this Valorbox is recyclable at the end of its life because it is mainly made of wood.

1 - 20 tons a year

Valorbox Medium

Valorbox Medium

Can hold waste that comes in the shape of 2 metre long blocks!

A good compromise between agility and the quantity of waste produced, this Valorbox™ brings you a container with a larger volume so that you can place larger size blocks in it.

2 - 8 tons a year

Valorbox Large

Valorbox Large

Large volume for large quantities

Ideally placed in your “waste depot” area, this Valorbox™ is designed to accept large amounts of waste. We replace it on your request, as soon as it reaches a filling rate of 80%.

Over 8 tons a year


Simple, effective and custom management

The Valorbox™ service principle is a simple one: we do the most so that you don’t have to. 
We offer you this service suited to your situation in just four steps:



We assist you in characterising your waste in line with applicable regulations by performing a series of analyses. Valoref has an in-house laboratory.



Once the make-up, the contaminants and the outside constraints identified, together we will assess the best technical and logistical solutions for managing your waste.



Then we send you a proposal covering all management aspects via the Valorbox service: packaging, transportation, processing, administrative documentation and reports are all included in the proposal.



We make the Valorbox™ that you need available on-site and assist you with their implementation. 
Invoicing starts from the first ton of wastes received at our registered waste management site.

Report on operations

A full report is sent to you after every year of processing so that you can better understand the level of recycling performance.


A full report is sent to you after every year of processing so that you can better understand the level of recycling performance.

Acceptance documents

The regulation documents (prior acceptance certificates, waste identification forms, Prefectoral regulations) are cross referenced with the transportation documents.

Transportation documents

The transportation documents (waste tracing slips and acceptance slips) are collected in chronological order.

Documents handed over at the end of the operation

All of these items are collected into a single document to make it easier for you to access them should an official inspection occur.
The report is presented to your EHS teams at the end of the operation.

70 Industrial facilities already entrust us with the day to day management of their refractory and ceramic waste