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Alfaref GmbH was founded in 1988. Due to an ever-growing repertoire of services, Alfaref quickly developed from its original core business recycling and trading zirconium-based refractory stones into one of the leading demolition and recycling companies in the glass industry in Germany and in Northern and Western Europe.

After 30 years of fruitful collaboration of mutual benefit Alfaref has been integrated into Valoref to further grow and prosper together. Both are renown leaders in their markets and are part of VALOREF GLOBAL with multiple entities and sites. 

Our range of services



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During the dismantling of your furnace by your demolisher, we work carefully according to demolition zones and monitor the different refractory qualities during recycling, in order to ensure clean separation according to waste categories and to prevent contamination of each category.

Particularly difficult and strongly infiltrated areas/zones, such as sulfates are secured as early as possible prior to commencement of works

disposal alfaref
We consider it our social responsibility to our customers and partners to provide the best possible solution for hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

In strict compliance with all national and international regulations and laws, we can offer a logical waste concept for every project.

evacuation alfaref

We inspect the qualities of refractory blocks present in the old stocks, select suitable qualities and professionally dispose of unsuitable stones.

We offer a comprehensive solution for all of your old stocks.


Reports are compiled by an independant, certified expert. Declaration analyses for the determination of waste are completed exclusively in certified specialist laboratories, with which Alfaref has a long history of collaboration. 

Alfaref team remains the same:




Managing Director
Etienne GRUBE

International Sales Manager
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Kristina SUHR

Office Manager

Team assistant
Regina Ebberg HD