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Valoref is the leader of glass refractory recycling. Valoref operates in France and worldwide through its three subsidiaries, Valoref Europe, Valoref India and Valoref China, and in collaboration with local partners.

Valoref is unique in that it offers a complete, comprehensive refractory waste management service. From the customer's site when the furnace is demolished to the manufacturing of recycled secondary raw materials, mainly for refractory manufacturers and ceramists.

Our worksite team is specialized in glass furnace and travels directly to the demolition site to supervise the removal and sorting of used refractory materials from the furnace to ensure the best possible recycling rate, depending on the type of furnace and refractories.

Our history


Founded in 1987, Valoref has grown into a leading name in managing refractory waste from glass industry. Initially, we focused only on sorting and selling zircon-based waste to industries.
A worksite team made up of refractory material recognition specialists is created. Our team can travel directly to our customer's site and work alongside their demolition contractor to pre-sort the refractory waste during furnace demolition. Thanks to this unique and comprehensive service we become a pioneer in the management of refractory waste from glass furnaces. 
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A major milestone occurred in 2001 when we inaugurate our second site: an approved facility for processing and transit of refractory products, the only one of its kind in Europe, located on the river port of Bollène in France. The same year, we were acquired by the esteemed Saint-Gobain group. This partnership launched us into a new era of growth and development, solidifying our position as a trusted industry leader.
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We created a new and unique service in the sector of refractory waste management: ValorBox. Valorbox is a rental service that allows our customers to rent refractory waste containers directly on their site. Our containers are available in three sizes S/M/L. We handle the delivery of the containers to the customer's site, the return to our sorting facility once filled, and all regulatory and administrative documents. Upon arrival at our site, all the waste collected in the Valorbox containers is integrated into our sorting and recycling processes.
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The years 2022 and 2023 are a new defining chapter in our company's story as we embark on our internationalization journey. This milestone is underscored by the acquisition of our longstanding German partner, Alfaref, recognized for its expertise in markets from Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. During the same period, we proudly announce the establishment of two new branches, Valoref India and Valoref China.  This expansion strengthens our global footprint and positions us as a company ready to engage and provide solutions on a worldwide scale.

Today, with a strong team of 50 professionals, we stand at the forefront, offering comprehensive solutions for the responsible treatment and recycling of used refractories and industrial ceramics.

We are the leader of glass refractories recycling, our clientele includes major international groups, comprising most of the european glass-makers and virtually all the major refractory specialists. Over the years, Valoref has developed various patented processes and exclusive techniques, as well as a broad range of specific ceramics and refractory grains and registered trade marks.

Choose Valoref, together, we're working towards a more environmentally responsible and efficient future for refractory and industrial ceramics waste management.

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